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About me

Height: 6'3"   |   Eye Color: Gray   |   Hair Color: Light Brown

Jason Simon is a New York based singer, actor, voice over artist.



Merry Widow              | Maitre'd  |  Metropolitan Opera  |  Susan Stroman, dir.

Shrek                        | Shrek  |  Arizona Broadway  |  Mace Archer, dir.

Fiddler on the Roof  | Tevye  |  Arizona Broadway  |  Seth Reines, dir.

Die Fledermaus        | Ivan  |  Metropolitan Opera  |  Jeremy Sams, dir.

Wizard of Oz             | Cowardly Lion  |  Fulton Theatre  |  Marc Robin, dir.

Paint Your Wagon     | Salem Trumball |  ENCORES!  |  Marc Bruni, dir.


Easter Mysteries                    |  Cleopas   |   La Vie Productions

I'd Kill For You                      |  Co-Star   |   NBC

Spongebob Squarepants 2   |  Crab Customer   |   Nickelodeon

White Collar- S4 Ep15           |  Co-Star   |   Fox Television


Voice Over

Brandermill Woods   |  Construction Worker  |  Five19/The Branching

Medieval Kingdom Wars  |  Main Narrator, Mult. Char.  |  Reverie World Studios

Birdboy                    |  Rat Leader  |  NYAV Post

The Last Man           |  Multiple Characters/Multiple Episodes  |  NYAV Post

Gundam Origins      |  Multiple Characters/Multiple Episodes  |  NYAV Post

Magic Adventures   |  Multiple Characters/Multiple Episodes  |  NYAV Post

Zarafa                      |  Charles X, Old Sage  |  NYAV Post

Dawn of Fantasy      |  Orcs, Ogres, Goblins, Humans  |  Reverie World Studios

 Special Skills 

Dialects: Most European and American, Juggling (basic), Whistling, "The Journey of placement for European dialects"

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